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  • Blockhouse Bay Intermediate
  • Kiwi Park
  • Otahuhu Intermediate School

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Section 103 of the Education Act 1989 lists the categories of persons who are not eligible to be elected, appointed or co-opted as trustees (parent representative).

Please confirm whether you are

A permanently-appointed employee of the Board?

An undischarged bankrupt?

Contracted or sub-contracted with the Board without the approval of the Secretary of Education and you receive payments exceeding $25,000 in any financial year? This would also cover situations where a person has a 10% or more shareholding in the contracting company or a company that controls the contracting company.

Subject to a property order under the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988?

A person in respect of whom a personal court order has been made that you are not competent to manage your own property affairs, or do not have the capacity to communicate/make decisions relating to your welfare or personal care?

A person who has been convicted of an offence punishable by imprisonment for 2 years or more, or who has been sentenced to imprisonment for any other offence, unless you have obtained a pardon, served the sentence, or otherwise suffered the penalty imposed?

Not a New Zealand citizen, and is a person to whom section 15 or 16 of the Immigration Act 2009 applies; or a person obliged, by or pursuant to that Act, to leave New Zealand immediately or within a specified time, being a time that was less than 12 months?

Deemed for the purposes of that Act to be in New Zealand unlawfully?

For more information about persons ineligible to be trustees, refer to Section 103 of the Education Act 1989, or call the NZSTA Helpdesk on 0800 782 435

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