Privacy Policy

UPDATED April 2022.

1. In accordance with the Privacy Act 2020:

1.1 Parents and caregivers complete school enrolment forms and consent to the use of the information for school purposes.

1.2. Information for the election is gathered from the school database to prepare the electoral roll and manage the election for the school board.

1.3. Parents are advised through schools, and via our website, that information is being provided for the purpose of the school election.

1.4. Information is transferred to us via secure means, for example by direct upload or as password-protected files or other shared transfer protocol.

1.5. We store that information on secure servers to protect against loss, misuse, or unauthorised disclosure.

1.6. Personal information used for the election is disclosed to the voters concerned via the Call for Nominations email and/or school notification.  

1.7.  Personal information may be corrected, or deleted on request.

1.8.  This information is checked prior to use.  

1.9. Information is used only for the purpose of the election and no other purpose.

1.10. Once the election is completed, school database information is held only for as long as is reasonable to comply with legal or regulatory obligations. Normally, this would be within 60 days. Information is transferred as required to the District Court.  

1.11. Only information necessary and immediately relevant for the secure conduct of the election may be disclosed.

1.12. Elections are managed in New Zealand, for New Zealand schools. (See also 12 below).  

1.13. Unique identifiers may be assigned for the purpose of electronic voting, for voter authentication and verification purposes, to maintain the secrecy of the ballot, and not for any other purpose.

2. Consent

2.1 Users of the website application are authorised by the school to collect, use, disclose, store and process personal information for the purpose of the election.

2.2 In order to participate in the election, candidates must give consent on the nomination form.  

3. Information we may hold

3.1  For preparation of electoral rolls, the following information is provided from the school database:  

Name, physical address or postal address and email address, and mobile phone number of parents and caregivers of students; and/or of staff; and/or of students eligible for the student representative electoral roll.  (Record: Electoral Roll. See 1.10 above)

3.2. For candidate management, candidates supply the following information:

Candidate name, physical address, email address, contact phone numbers; and optionally to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education, gender, ethnicity and previous governance history; and optionally, a profile picture and candidate statement for preparation and publication of election materials.   (Record: Voting Paper / Candidate Statement.  See 1.10 above)

3.3.  For voting purposes, voters may be allocated unique identifiers (a User Code) and a password (hashed). See 1.10 above  

3.4  Logs of communications, direct or indirect, with the returning officer. See 1.10 above

3.5  Voting logs: not connected to personal information. (Record: Voting Audit Log, Voting Papers. See 1.10 above) 

3.6. Archives:  (Record: Declaration of Result).  

3.7. The following information may also be held or accessed:

  • -Metadata collected through our website, including IP addresses, computer and connection information, referrals from other web pages, standard web log information, language settings, time of access.
  • -For administrative purposes, payment information, such as debit or credit card details.
  • -Data related to software used in association with an election, for example, MailChimp or SMS messaging services, which may include pages viewed, buttons clicked, viewing time, keyword searches, and GPS co-ordinates.
  • -Data that schools give us permission to access on public platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google. You may remove access at any time by contacting us at the address below.
  • -Data that we may collect from public sources.

4. Security is in everybody’s interest

4.1   Access to personal information is limited to named users who must be authenticated and use a password to access the application. 

4.2  Information will not be shared with third parties except where required for the proper conduct of a fair, transparent, and secure election (for example, a mail-house for postal elections, or the Ministry of Education).

4.3 Sensitive files are password-protected in accordance with our Standard Operating Procedures.

5. How we use your information

5.1. We may use the information schools and parents provide to

  • -Communicate information about the election.
  • -Verify users.
  • -Authenticate access.
  • -Publish candidate information.
  • -Co-operate with the Ministry of Education or any other government, industry, legislative or regulatory authorities.
  • -Protect and enforce our legal rights and interests.

5.2. We may also use information to

  • -Market this service to schools and returning officers
  • -Request payment for this service.
  • -Monitor use of this website (for example, through cookies).
  • -Link this website to a school website or to other websites (with school permission).

5.3 Should schools or candidates fail to provide the information required to conduct the election, we may withdraw access to the website.

5.4 Anyone may request we stop sending marketing or promotional messages by contacting us at the address below.

6. Global connections

6.1. We are a New Zealand based provider, and this website and the associated application has been developed in New Zealand. The Privacy Act 2020 applies to our service.  Information, including personal information, may be held on servers or hosted on IT platforms that are held outside New Zealand. We take responsible steps to check that our service providers meet the high standards of protection that your information deserves.

7. Contact Us

For any matters related to our privacy policy, please email Please use the subject line Privacy Policy.