14 July, 2022

Unfortunately, in accordance with the recently-released new election regulations, our Full Service package and Manage Your Own packages will be unable to use the Electronic Voting Method for the 2022 triennial elections.

Please note that schools who have purchased these packages will still be able to use the  Postal Voting Method at the flick of a switch. 

Our Full Package Service remains available. While we are non-accredited, we are still able to provide you with a superb service using smart technologies.  The only difference is the Voting Method.  

Returning Officers will still be able to

  • use the online nominations form,
  • send personalised emails under your school logo with your school election data (key dates and number of vacancies, etc.),
  • receive coded voting papers, simply prepared for insertion into window envelopes
  • download candidate statements you can format to suit your community
  • make a Declaration of Result at the touch of a button
  • have access to a dashboard with full transparency of key election data for completion of Appendix 1

Heavily discounted rates are available for the 2022 Manage Your Own package, online bookings only.