Call for Nominations

  However those not on the voting roll must be nominated by a person who is.

Smart Online Elections

Unique dashboard for every school. Manage your parent staff, student election from one place.

Secure. Confidential.  

Upload your electoral roll to your dashboard to automate communications, data management, monitoring, voting and results.

Communicate your Call for Nominations via email. Link directly to an approved nomination form. 24/7 access to candidates.   


Give voters access to candidate statements and voting via an automated Code and Password generator. 


Voters Log In. They will follow a simple three-step process: check the candidate statements, vote, confirm the vote. It's a secret ballot. Available in te reo maori and other languages.

Six templates.  Call for nominations, contact authentication, reminder call, Call to vote (issue access), declaration of result.  Amend as required. 

Easy-to-publish candidate statements and voting papers the old-fashioned way, for those who choose the postal voting system.  

Includes free seminar.  The Returning Officer gets his/her usual fee. 

License fee based on Electoral Roll.  

Quotes and bookings available here.  



We prepare the Electoral Roll

We apply an electronic cross-checking system to authenticate contact details on the electoral roll.

We Call for Nominations via email 

This offers cost savings to you. 

We keep you in the loop by providing the board chair and/or principal with regular updates on who has been nominated.

Nominations are online

Candidates know their nomination has been received because we give them an immediate receipt.

Voting is online

Except where parents choose to receive their voting papers by post, we use a three-step online voting platform. 

Parents access the platform via unique ID and password.

We communicate these details securely to ensure voters can choose securely.  The ballot is secret.  

We tally and declare the result

We count your votes (including arranging the process if scrutineers are called for).  

We Declare the Result with a pdf that can be published in your school newsletter or online, according to your wishes.  

Complete documentation

We submit the Ministry of Education return for you.

We also file papers with the District Court, as required by legislation.

Quotes and Bookings

Quotes are based on your electoral roll.  

Bookings are required.  


School Board Election Manager

Cloud-based solutions for school board elections in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Whether you are a returning officer looking for an e-solution to run your own election; or a school official looking for a returning officer to do the job for you; or a candidate for a school election; we can help you.



Nominate online here

You may nominate yourself if you are already on the electoral roll.

(Access available for licensed schools only).

Note: If you cannot nominate online, you may fill out a hard copy nomination form, available from the school office or email your returning officer.


The exact date for each school election is set by the school board. The next triennial elections will take place in:

September, 2022

Latest News


Revised 2022 election timelines

Triennial elections for school boards in Aotearoa New Zealand will now be held between 5 September and 23 September 2022, with the common (or preferred date) being 7 September.  

New regulations will permit electronic voting (postal voting will still be available).

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Smart Online elections for Returning Officers


  • Manage your Electoral Roll online
  • Secure, cloud-based nominations.
  • Premium online voting platform
  • Automatically generate your Declaration of Result.
  • Security and privacy policies that ensure the integrity of your election.
  • The Returning Officer stays in control throughout.  

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Full Service Package

Running your election for you.

We are an experienced provider of Returning Officer Services. 

We run a complete, secure and thorough process for a stress-free election for you.

Cost-effective, professional communications and personalised engagement.

Fully inclusive: from preparation of the electoral roll to the declaration of result.  


Free Updates!

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