Returning Officer access to electronic voting


March Update



1. RETURNING OFFICER access to electronic voting.

Yes, our platform is available for any returning officer to use. A License Agreement provides access to the latest electronic voting technology for your school and returning officer.  


2. How online voting will work


An explanation of how online voting will work is available in the previous news post (Electronic Elections - your new normal).  


3. Online ESTIMATES.

Check out the online calculator on this website.  You will be able to see how various options will affect your estimate.  

You can update any previous estimates with your 1 March roll numbers.
Full Service early bird discounts apply to May 1. Large schools should talk to us about rates. NOTE: Full Service estimates include FREE postage for up to 10% of your electoral roll, and are fully inclusive of all communications.  

ALL schools will make savings from the funding received from the Ministry of Education (provided you go to election; even so, you are guaranteed a cost-neutral election).  

4. BOOKINGS now open.

If your booking is confirmed, you will be invoiced in June.  


Once the Ministry of Education finalises the regulations, our application to become an accredited provider of electronic voting services will be considered.  We do not expect this process to begin before the end of April.  

Bernardine Vester, Director