Is your database ready for e-voting?

May 2022.  This information has been prepared for the MySchoolElection voting system . Other online voting systems may have different requirements.  

Electronic Voting depends on accurate information from your school's database.  

No matter which provider you use, your school's database will need to be up to date.

What you will need: 

First and Last Name of each parent/caregiver
Mobile phone
Home address



What happens if there is a 'family' email address?
As long as each parent has a valid email address alongside their name, the communication can be delivered personally to them.  

What happens if someone has no email address?
Information about the election can be communicated via other means. The school office will know how best to communicate with parents.  Discuss this with your returning officer.

Why do we need both email and phone?
All information must be verified. We do this mainly via email.
We authenticate via mobile phone.  (According to Statistics New Zealand, NZ has saturation coverage of mobile phones for individuals and households)   So yes, the password gets delivered to a mobile phone for immediate use.  

If you do not have phone details for each parent, a postal vote will be required.  This is an extra charge to your school.  

When will I need to be ready?
We expect that final approval for electronic elections will take place by early June.  Ideally, if you book Full Service, expect a request for your database soon.  

If your school database has gaps, now is a good time to UPDATE parent contact details.