Choosing Manage-Your-Own or Full Service?

What is the difference between the two packages? 

With equity in mind, we have designed packages that enable communities to run elections themselves; as well as offering an option to out-source the process. 


You know your community best.  An in-school Returning Officer will know who needs to be nudged to stand, who needs support to vote online, and who or what needs special attention as the election proceeds.

The school or your local Returning Officer purchases a licence to use the My School Election software.

The Returning Officer has access to a management dashboard that accepts online nominations for management of candidates.  You can also upload an Electoral Roll to the dashboard and manage voters and their access to the electronic Voting Platform. 

Your Returning Officer has full control of the election, does the work, and should get paid for managing the process.  S/he has full responsibility (and accountability) for the success of your election. 

Support for the Returning Officer includes:

·      Comprehensive User Guide

·      Free online seminars in June - early July.

·      Quick-guide documentation and video presentation.  


Full Service

The Full Service Package means you are naming Bernardine Vester, Managing Director of My School Election,  as the Returning Officer.

The default position for this service is online nominations and electronic voting.

The service includes:

·      Preparation of the Electoral Roll from data you supply

·      Sending out the Call for Nominations (twice) by email. 

·      Sending out the Invitation to Vote (twice) by email.

·      Preparing Voting Papers (if requested by parents)

·      Preparing Candidate Statements for distribution in your school newsletter or your usual communication channels.

·      Up to 10% of parents may choose postal voting at no cost to you.

·      No additional communication fees.

·      Tally of votes

·      Declaration of Result

·      Completion of the Ministry of Education return.

·      Lodging of required documents at the District Court. 


Estimates, Bookings and Payments

Payment for both options is based on your Electoral Roll estimate and is required in advance.  If your electoral roll is larger than the estimate, you will be billed for the remainder when nominations close.  If your electoral roll is smaller than the estimate, you will receive a refund. 

Estimates and Bookings can be made from the bottom of the front page of the website www.myschoolelection.nz(external link).